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Jan 16, 2013 10:00pm PST
, they can use kind of as command post, they envision bpw and bbi and some of the other ones coming into that. location, and so we traded that in but we were supposed to get a vehicle from that, at least a sedan or a truck. and i am still working on that. i have... it is... again, one of those, it got caught up in that whole hacto kind of thing. and in terms of work orders, we are working right now with the department of environment for the construction and dem mrition debris recovery program. this has been a program for many years and what had happened as a couple of years ago. we told them that we did not have sufficient funding to be able to pay for this individual who works on this program. and suggested that they work on getting a surcharge. and they have come forward with the proposal on working i have a meeting with them either tomorrow or friday. to try to hone in and help them with the formulation of the surcharge, but we have committed to them that we will... if necessary have the work order with them and until that surcharge with get implemented. >> and then, at least the seed mone
FOX Business
Jan 5, 2013 11:00pm EST
of their income and savings goal weight. the housing market, for example, has been a terribly. a little bbi of growth. this is a terrible situation that goes very deep into the economy. we need leaders in washington right now. we need policies that will take us out of whe we are. gerri: i was hoping not to get to a political conversation, but it does lead the way. i want tosk you about the federal reserve, the target ra. you ow, the fed was just talking this week about ending some of their spcial support of the markets this year. the stimulus money is going away, the federal reserve support would go with the markets. queasy the jobless rate coming in? >> if you move slowly by the middle of the year it will be in the eights and probably by the end of the yer close to nine. they're going to do some qe. everybody knows that. it's already. maybe those stop. which they won't do. >> business in america has a lot of cash. the problem is getting them to invest. and they are afraid to invest. so uncertain about the future. they don't know what tax policy will be, what health care will be. afraid to
Jan 19, 2013 3:00am PST
later on in the show tonight, but, of course, at times like this, new bbies like me who have only covered one of these before or none of these before, we often turn to the veteran journalists among us for advice on how to handle an event like this, how to get the most out of an event that frankly is way too big to take in at once. the paragon of experience and grace under pressure was, of course, the great andrea mitchell who set a new standard in 2008 for dauntless reporting in coverage of a marathon political event including a memorable turn on ap flatbed truck. on andrea's show today, 1:00 show on msnbc, andrea was talking about previous inaugurations and in so doing she was able to show footage of herself covering all of the inaugurations she has covered. it wasn't just 2009. right? it was 2005, george bush's second inaugural. she also covered 2001, the first bush inaugural. it was 1997, the bill clinton second inaugural. it was 1993, the first bill clinton inaugural. she was there also in 1989 when george bush, the elder took over. she was there in 1985, president reagan's re
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)